Thursday, January 31, 2013


On the 23rd - 29th feb, i had a vacation+work (more to vacation. hehe) trip to Kuching, Sarawak.

I spent my time a lot with this boy Ayyash, my 5th niece in family.

Had a cendol at Lock Ann cendol house at Satok area.


add ons: fried wantan, cucur udang and "sotong kangkung"

quite packed in the evening. serious sedap cendol nyaa. 

that weekend, we're heading to Siar beach, Lundu, located abt 70km from Kuching west coast. 

check in terus terjun kolam. tegar budak2 ni. haha

Having dinner at Rafflesia Cafe.

Its a must to wake up early in the morning for a sunrise. :D

Exif: iso 250, 16mm, f8.0, 1/320sec 

Exif: iso 100, 11mm, f8.0, 1/250sec

during the brakfast

pre-lunch with ayyash.clever boy.

stance for life. :P

having lunch at Muslim restaurant at Lundu town. its hard to find a Halal place there. thank god we got one.

Spotted sarawakians wira club.

on the way back, singgah sebentar 

at last, the one im looking for over 10 years. :D

this is at Rumah Hijau cafe located at Satok, Kuching. quite a nice place to be at.

 this Oreo cheesecake is better than Secret Recipe's. :D

A seafood treat is always a must if you're in Sarawak. this place above had been our family top list since 94'.  

The end.

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