Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pet Project Malaysia 2013

For the 2nd time being, our team, NewbornPixs in collaboration with SabrinaSaw and any other NGO's and agencies for organizing the non-profit event to save animals abuse mostly. As the motto, "Get active to save animals", Sabrina and her team plotted a very good activities to collect donation for those who needs. Visitors and participant get their chance to join healthy music dance, aerobics, wall climbing for children, cats and dogs exhibition, and many more, thanks to British International School of Kuala Lumpur for a great venue.

Malaysian actress Lisa Surihani giving full support 

Lisa for the opening act

Some performances by the nearby school students

Milo, always been my favourite. free drinks for all!

"Here one for memories"

The Mastermind, Sabrina Saw.

Father and daughter in one of the activities.

 Malaysian Basketball team also 'turun' padang to give full support

 "Get active to save animals"

 One of the session by Tony Stone, fly all the way from California, late MJ's favourite dancer. 

All the profit gain from the event will spread evenly to NGO's and agencies as an extra fund for them to help those animals who needs it. Stop animal abuse and cruelty against them. They want a life too.

*picture are Copyright, All Right Reserve by AshrafRashid of NewbornPixs

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Part 2: Makkah Al-Mukarramah

Alhamdulillah, safetly arrived at Makkah around 10pm. Directly performed our Umrah guided by
Mutawif /Ustaz. 1st Umrah yes you will be guided by Mutawif, to give a better picture when performing Umrah.

Around 2am local time, Alhamdulillah, my Umrah is completed, insyaAllah diterima Allah SWT.

Subhanallah ramai orang macam musim haji 

 my feet on bukit Marwah

Alhamdulillah, after done my Umrah

Stayed at Makkah for 8 days full, besides enjoying ibadah, im also enjoying the food, most of the families thought im gaining weight. yes i gain about 2kilos here. :D

here are few snapshots during at Makkah, subhanallah.

between maghrib and isyak, Tawaf. 

1st night in MasjidilHaram.

after asar.

MasjidilHaram view from hotel. Alhamdulillah only 50 meters from hotel. Dekat sangat.

The amazing clock tower, Abraj Al-Bait.

Gate 1, King Abdul Aziz 

Saudi Arabian wants a total transformation, a bigger and convenience for Jamaah from all over the world.


This is me, fat face :D

"Satu Ibadah yang dilaksanakan di MasjidilHaram, pahalanya digandakan 
sebanyak 100 000 ribu kali. Jika satu solat fardhu dikerjakan disini, di ibaratkan 
bersolat 5 waktu tidak putus-putus selama 277 tahun, 6 bulan dan 25 hari, Subhanallah"

inside MasjidilHaram ground floor.

Alhamdulillah, several days before get back we had a chance to perform 2nd Umrah, Umrah Tana'em. Umrah Tana'em ni sangat mudah sebab tempat berniat di Masjid Tana'em bagi penduduk yg dari Makkah, sebab lokasi nya yg sangat dekat, around 10km from MasjidilHaram, jadi tidak la kita susah semasa dalam ihram, care of our ihram is very important, we need preventing ourself from repealing the Ihram. less distance means less get troubled.

Tana'em Mosque

Safar to Marwah

this little boy named Abdul Rahman, he walk around inside masjid, bringing along one gallon of Zamzam, offering to whoever wants it, without any payee, sincerely. Moga Allah memberkati usaha & amal jariah Abdul Rahman, Amin. 

When performing tawaf Wida'. salah satu wajib umrah sebelum meninggalkan kota Makkah. 

Diharapkan ini bukan kali terakhir untuk menjejakan kaki disini, insyaAllah dijemput sekali lagi, Amin. 

Boarding 3.30am 
Arrived 4.30pm local time Malaysia.

Special thanks to Rayhar Travels Sdn Bhd, they gave a very good hospitality and services to us. My mum said: "ini la umrah terbaik yg mama pernah pergi" Alhamdulillah, congrats Rayhar Travels.
very good location, service and food. location always 5star, thats the most important. 
Thank you Rayhar :)

all photos taken using my iphone 

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